Thursday, September 23, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast: Ozark S1E2 Blue Cat

We didn't know about the Os! Well, one of us didn't. And now we know each episode starts with spoilers. We are loving this second episode! Things are moving right along in the Ozarks... kids not listening to Marty & Wendy and wander off, Charlotte gets tossed from a boat, Ruth takes suitcase money, Marty is hustling trying to find places to launder money, Wendy is buying bundle-deal houses where the bundle includes a naked old man, and we find PJ from My Boys! Will insurance pay out on an accident if they suspect suicide? Turns out, doesn't matter because Paxil Marty always comes through! 

Grab your Birthday Milestone Glass full of a lovely cocktail and listen to us chat about all of this here! 

TV is Awesome Podcast: Ozark S1E2 Blue Cat

Looks fun. Not actually fun. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast: Ozark Ep 1 (WE LISTENED!!)

 You voted, we listened! Our new show for discussion is OzarkNoSAtTheEnd. And it is going to be an ADVENTURE! Neither of the hosts have seen any episodes previously so we are going in cold! Pretty good pilot to set the tone and man did they jam a lot of action into 60 minutes! Darker than even we thought and reaallly uncomfortable. We are curious about how this is going to go - will we be able to stand the pressure?! And we have questions: first of all, isn't everyone going to be concerned where they are/ where his dead friend is/ where dead lover is? Will Jason Bateman warm up? Is Consumer Reports a recurring character? Will we ever NOT pronounce the S at the end of Ozark?  

Grab your Cocktail-in-a-Can and come along on our adventure: 

TV is Awesome Podcast: Ozark Ep 1

There's no crying in murder!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast BONUS EPISODE: HACKS


You guys voted and WE LISTENED! We watched the first season of HACKS and guess what... we loved it! And not just because of the (oddly timed) Papa Gino's shout out. Listen as we discuss pizza places in New England, Jean Smart being fabulous (is there nothing she can't do?), redheads from Waltham, why does that joke get Deb cancelled?, Las Vegas is so Las Vegas, Los Angeles is so Los Angeles, our favorite and least favorite supporting characters, and could a wax figure really open an IPhone with face recognition? 

Grab your free drinks from playing the slot machines and listen here!

TV is Awesome Podcast BONUS EP: HACKS

I guess it works if it's really an actress? 

Friday, July 23, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: BONUS!! Ted Lasso Season 1

 An Emmy-nominated show that lives up to the hype? YES! As you prepare to watch Season 2, listen as we recap the best things about Season 1 and our hopes for Season 2. Highlights include: tea, special biscuits, pints, wankers, A Wrinkle in Time, fun socks, Diamond Dogs, panic attacks, Let it Go, woman-bonding, darts, heartfelt apologies and just some satisfying gosh-darn comedy. 

Grab a pint and listen here! 

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: BONUS! Ted Lasso Season 1

Toss that brown water and grab a pint from Mae! 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: BONUS! The Leftovers Big Mysteries Revisited

 WE HAD TO GO BACK!!!  Listen as we delve into some of the topics that required some extra investigating, including why a flood, Kevin Sr.? and did Nora really go through? Does it matter if she did or not? what does the heartbreaking music sound like to people who have never seen The Leftovers? and also, most importantly, Nora had a dog??? 

Grab your drinks as we re-visit The Leftovers big mysteries! Listen here: 

TV is Awesome Podcast: BONUS! The Leftovers Big Mysteries Revisited

Did she go through or did she not go through, that is the question.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: The Leftovers Series Finale aka Book of Nora aka Furious Biking

 WE DID IT!! We reached the finale of The Leftovers and we are so proud ourselves! Our little baby podcast, just a shimmer in our eyes a year ago, and our vision of reviewing The Leftovers is complete! And we are loving every minute and looking forward to moving on with a new series and some additional bonus episodes soon!

As for this episode, it is everything we remembered and more! So. Much. Happens. Listen here as we discuss future Nora, future Kevin, future Lori, birds, goats, weddings, catching up on where Matt, Tommy, Jill and Kevin Sr. are, also furious biking, lying nuns, totally naked Nora and one hell of a story... do we believe her? Does it matter? 

Probably one of the best finales of all time! 

Grab your wedding champagne and listen here: 

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: The Leftovers Series Finale aka Book of Nora aka Furious Biking

Nora 2.5: replacing hiring hookers to shoot her with molecular transporting machines, going to a different dimension, finding the scientist who made it, making him create a new machine in that world and coming back. NBD. #TheBookOfNora

Thursday, June 10, 2021

TV is Awesome Podcast Discussion: We Love Mare of Easttown!

 Here's the understatement of all understatements: we LOVE great TV. And guess what, Mare of Easttown is GREAT TV!!  Listen as we discuss all the great things: the acting, the characters, the plot, our friend Kate, Jean Smart, Peter Evans, how accents work, the slow reveals of backstory and then the ENDING. *shocked face emoji* The ending that was so crazy that one of the hosts still didn't understand what was happening EVEN WHILE A CONFESSION WAS HAPPENING! 

Good stuff, Mare! 

Grab your Rolling Rock and listen here: 

TV is Awesome Podcast: We Love Mare of Easttown!

One of these actors is from Meeeedfiiiiiid