Friday, October 23, 2020

TV is Awesome The Podcast: The Leftovers S2E DON'T TOUCH THE CAR, KEVIN!

Okay, we know this is not the real name of the episode, but honestly this is what it should be, in our humble opinion. So much happens in this episode! Listen to Ken and Lisa discuss Kevin, Jill and Nora just letting all their secrets out, adopt a baby, sell a house, rent a house, buy a house, be... happy? for maybe one split second? And then Kevin wakes up at the bottom of a drained quarry and TOUCHES THE CAR. Oh, and Patti....

All this and some Pixies music to let us know Kevin might be losing his mind *shrug emoji*

Listen here: 

TV is Awesome: The Leftovers Discussion S2E2 DON'T TOUCH THE CAR, KEVIN!

Dad, don't fuck this up. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

TV is Awesome Podcast: The Leftovers Discussion S2E1 Axis Mundi

We made it to Season 2, our friends! Axis Mundi, or should we say Just Another (Subtly Manic) Axis Mundi? We're in Miracle, Texas (née Jordan) and things are not as they seem... which is SO  THE LEFTOVERS! Literal cracks in the pavement! But here in Miracle they are not ignored so much as just covered over, but with clear plexi. *shrug emoji* Listen to Ken and Lisa discuss this new setting and our new friends Evie, Michael, Erica and (frenemy?) John... and how much we LOVE REGINA KING. What's up with lady in wedding dress? What's up with goat killer? What's up with bird in box? Girls running in woods? Burning houses down? WHERE DID ALL THE WATER GO? 

Click here to listen!

TV is Awesome Podcast: The Leftovers Discussion Season 2 Episode !

Erica + Nora 4-Eva!

Friday, October 2, 2020

TV is Awesome Podcast BONUS EPISODE: The Leftovers the Novel vs The Leftovers the TV Show


In this Bonus Episode (did we mention it's a BONUS EPISODE?), listen as Ken and Lisa discuss the similarities (besides character names and the big one, are there even any others?) and differences (many) from the novel to the TV show. Also, what they like and don't like about the novel... I mean, do we even like Nora in the novel? *gasp*

Ken and Lisa may go on a bit about how genius the TV show is and how Lindeloff is a genius for seeing the potential in the novel. Novel or TV Show... which will win? *laughing emoji*

TV is Awesome Podcast: BONUS! Discussion of The Leftovers Novel vs The Leftovers TV Show

Novel vs TV Show, who will win in the Battle Royale? Hint: TV is Awesome 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

TV is Awesome Podcast: The Leftovers Season 1 Finale Discussion, a.k.a The Big Kahuna of Episodes!


Here it is... what we've been working up to all season long: where everything works out great and everyone is so happy! What the Guilty Remnant do is a gut punch (and also a face punch and probably a groin punch) and causes a civil war in Mapleton, Jill almost dies, Kevin saves the day, Nora is going to end it all but then finds a baby... and all of this happens AFTER Matt helps Kevin bury a body and Holy Wayne grants Kevin a wish before dying in a diner bathroom stall. 

What we're saying here is... a LOT happens. 

Buckle up and listen below! 

TVisAwesome: The Leftovers Season 1 Finale... The Big Kahuna of Episodes!!

The most horrific moment on television, hands-down.

What a happy ending looks like on this show, I guess.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Podcast Discussion: The Leftovers S1E9 The Garveys at Their..... Best?

 Listen as Ken and Lisa discuss the events of the day before and the day of the Departure... literal cracks in the wall, tween Jill, those damn deer, Mapleton really is a small town and then the moment it all happened. Oh yeah, it's also THAT jogging episode :)

TVisAwesome Podcast: Discussion of The Leftovers S1E9 The Garveys at Their Best

Did you see a deer or are you just happy to see me? 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

TV is Awesome Podcast: The Leftovers Discussion S1E8 Cairo (KAY-ro, or CARE-o, but not KIE-ro)

 Listen as Lisa and Ken talk.... for a LONG TIME... about OMG IT'S THE CABIN EPISODE! IT'S THE PATTI EPISODE! IT'S THE CABIN EPISODE! So much to unravel in that cabin - what are you doing Patti? Ugghhhh... baldy. And is The Leftovers predicting our future with freaking Yeats poems?! Also discussed: True Meg coming out, Nora throwing extreme shade at Lori, Trouble is not just a game under the bed and guess what... NO ONE IS OKAY, JILL!

Listen to this monster-huge episode of TV is Awesome here:  

TV is Awesome Podcast: The Leftovers Discussion S1E8 Cairo

"Get me a fucking cigarette!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

We're Back to Cryptic Episode Titles! Discussion of The Leftovers S1E7: Solace for Tired Feet

 Listen to the new episode where Ken and Lisa discuss the awesome relationship between Jill and crazy Grandpa Kevin, Nora and Kevin's 5th date (!), Springtime means hanging out in fridges, the importance of National Geographic magazines (specific one) and Christine is not the only Baby Mama! Also, WAKE UP KEVIN!

TVisAwesome: Discussion of The Leftovers S1E7 Solace for Tired Feet

Grandpa? You're not supposed to be there!