Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead - Burning Down the House

Burning Down the... Barn

I think I will start this entry by saying at the :38 mark of last night's The Walking Dead finale, I said (out loud to the room) "It's only been 38 minutes?!?!" So now that we have established that it was a jam-packed episode, let's dive in to the awesome chaos (oh, and turn your speakers up for the soundtrack).

Herd is the word
LCT: AHA! So THAT'S where that gigantic herd of walkers came from!  This was such a revelation, because it pieces together a bunch of things: first, Rick saw that helicopter when he was in the city back in Season 1 Episode 1, so those damn zombies have been walking since then! Second, this means we are getting closer to potentially figuring out where that helicopter went (or where it's from, or both). This also raises the question, how long has it been since Rick woke up? Given that winter is coming (evidently) and it was hot and summery at the start, it has to be only 3 or 4 months, right?
KC: Yes, I loved how this episode started!  I thought it all made perfect sense and really, it was just damn bad luck!  I was so intrigued by the helicopter - I didn't remember Rick seeing it in Season 1.  You're thinking it was a flashback to the time he saw it and it's taken all these months for the walkers to make it that far?  Interesting: you would think they might repeat that scene of Rick seeing it the first time to remind us if that was the case, but I can still buy your theory.  I guess that means they were eating Rick's horse, no?  Great set up for whatever is coming up next.  By the way, is this the first time we've seen events that were outside the perspectives of our characters?  
LCT: I totally thought that was Rick's horse they were eating. Rick saw the helicopter and then tried to follow it on said horse, then turned and found the hoard of walkers in the street with the tank. So, maybe it's not from when Rick was there (we saw some stuff happening in downtown after that) but soon after? I don't know if we have had that "outside" perspective before, but I think they did it as a reminder of sorts as to Rick's journey. Now that he's the king.
In other news, RIP Herschel's Farm. That was a pretty amazing scene, and finally Carl is doing what his parents tell him (give that kid a cookie!)  Also, ewwwwww.... zombie brains on Herschel.
KC: Poor Herschel... I'm not going to miss the farm though, good riddance (of course, they'll probably be stuck in that prison we see at the end for the entirety of season 3).  So many disgusting/AMAZING gore-tastic moments in this episode.  It's hard to believe this airs on non-pay channel television.  Oh sad background characters who were just there to be zombie fodder.  I don't remember your names, but I'm sure you were lovely people.
Total crap
LCT: Fucking Lori...  never mind that all of a sudden she's crazed because "where's Carl? he was supposed to be upstairs!" (crazy eyes everywhere) and all that crap. I mean, I think I've beat that to death and I don't think there's a viewer left in the world who thinks she does even an okay job. But I wanted to leap through my TV and punch Lori in the face when Rick was telling her what happened with Shane. How dare she? HOW DARE SHE?!  Yes, fine, so "she's mad at herself" or whatever... but this is unacceptable. I can't even find suitable words to express how much I hate this character. I am so sick of her and her not-watching-her-kid-driving-off-by-herself-stupid-crazy-eyes-all-the-time. ALL.THE.TIME. 
KC: Agreed.  Her ridiculous freak out over Carl aside, her reaction to Rick's truth telling was mind boggling.  SHE GOT WHAT SHE WANTED!  Bad acting and terrible writing.
LCT: I don't know what they are doing with her character. The creative team seems to defend her actions and write her into ridiculous situations... how will they ever turn that character around if they are in denial?
I need a heroooooo...
Now let's talk about Daryl... racing off on his motorcycle to get Carol with the sounds of Bonnie Tyler's  Holding Out for a Hero blasting in the background! Oh wait, maybe that was just in my head. (Note: this was back when I wanted a Caryl thing to happen. Those days are long gone, my friend. long. gone. See further down for details.)
KC: Love it!  Although, I was hearing Total Eclipse of the Heart for some reason.  What?
Zombie, meet tree
LCT: Andrea - FREAKING BADASS SURVIVOR ANDREA! (insert Destiny's Child here). I kept telling her to climb a tree, but now I'm not sure that would have helped because, you know, those things walked all the way from downtown Atlanta, so they're not gonna let a little thing like a tree stop them. So she ran, she ran so far away... and then whoooopah! HOODED AWESOMENESS with 2 chained walkers (with no arms, and no jaws) and a machete!  For peeps who read the comics, you know who it is. KC - I am VERY interested to know what your reaction was to this scene. My reaction was to hit P's leg and yell "SHUT UP! SHUT. UP!" I couldn't believe she showed up right then!  Also, there's this about Andrea: she doesn't know Shane is gone, she doesn't know who this hooded character is, and she may or may not know that the farm is gone. Interesing.
KC: Go Andrea!  I wanted her to climb a tree too, but then I figured that the zombies would gather around and trap her there.  I was not expecting mysterious hooded figure as I've been able to avoid any spoilers.  So intriguing!  Does she have pet zombies on leashes (chains)?  Most of the people we've met in this world are familiar types not that different from ourselves; but as we head more into dystopia land, I'm guessing we'll see more outlandish people shaped by this strange new world.  I can't wait!
LCT: The final scene with the group... lots to discuss here:
  • LCT: Okay, when did Carol become such an asshole? Who the... what the...? What is her problem? Daryl said it best: "What do you want?" and she says "A man of honor" but she's looking to Daryl to be that person? Daryl is the greatest thing in the world for answering "Rick has honor."  See, Daryl gets it... why doesn't everyone else? Never mind... I take back all my Carol-Daryl (Caryl) musings. She doesn't deserve him.
  • KC: I think the writers have trouble with Carol - they don't seem to have a handle on who she is from week to week (which is also a problem with Lori).  I could never get behind a Caryl situation I think because I pictured more as a mother figure to him.  Now, I just hate her... you need to be zombie lunch, Carol.
  • LCT: So Rick knew they were already infected... SO WHAT? Why is this a big fucking deal? First, I don't think he explained very well that he wasn't sure about it. He starts to say "You know how crazy Jenner was" but never really gets to plead that case before everyone is all over his shit. Also, what would it have changed? Rick says this, but no one has an answer. What would it have helped at all?
You're all infected already. Maybe. Who knows, I'm crazy.
  • KC: I do understand the group feeling somewhat betrayed that he didn't tell them even as I understand why he didn't.  The way it was revealed was party of the problem, during a high pressure situation when everyone is just about losing their shit.
  • LCT: T-Dog! I like that they are making him this alternate voice, with him saying they should go to the coast. When he first said this, I thought that makes sense. I was thinking a boat would be the place to be, and P said go on an island. But now I'm thinking, none of that is good because everyone is infected soooo... it could be more treacherous in isolation? I don't know... everyplace is effed.
  • LCT: Very telling after all that anger towards Rick that Rick lays down the Rick Law and says like it or leave it and no one leaves. Not even asshole Carol.
  • LCT: Rick! RICK! Super badass RICK!
  • KC: Rick rules!!!  Literally! 
KC: By the way, really liked the Glenn/Maggie scene when he told her he loved her.  Moving, I thought.  It was also so wrenching to have Herschel pulled away from his farm - I actually thought he was going down with it.  Love the actor and the character, so I'm thrilled he will be around for next season, at least for a little while.
LCT: With the introduction of Michonne and the very public casting for the character The Governor, Season 3 is shaping up to be epic! I am terrified of it. Absolutely fucking terrified. Full disclosure: I stopped reading the comics because of some stuff that goes down with these new characters. So disturbing. Like, couldn't-read-another-page disturbing. Who knows if they will stick to the comic or deviate, but whatever happens, it will be unlike anything you've ever seen on TV before.

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Anonymous said...

Hi--great blog, you guys have great insights into "The Walking Dead." I notice your use of the term "livie" down below and I wonder—are the zombies the titular walking dead or is our group of survivors?

LCT said...

Thanks so much, Anon! I love this question. When I coined the term "lvies" I was referring very specifically to other alive people surviving this crazy world. At that time, this was in opposition to the "walkers", who, now that I think about it, I took to mean the titular Walking Dead. However (BIG, FAT HOWEVER), since the finale revealed that everyone is infected and is essentially walking around with the zombie virus, I think the title refers to both livies and walkers: everyone is part of The Walking Dead.

Amy G said...

Hey Lisa - just getting caught up on your blog. I was blown away by the last 2 episodes. Looks like the show is heading in the Beyond Thunderdome direction. I know it's based on a comic book so anything is possible, but I hope the characters remain relatable and don't get too video-game-barbaric-ish if you know what I mean. I'm thinking the prison is a bad idea - those aren't the kind of folks you want to start a society with. What about a nice county jail - just as secure, but without your hardcore rapists and murderers? Or my other thought was to go to Medieval Times theater (or whatever the hell it is) and put on all that chainmail & armor so they can't bite you.

If everyone is infected, how come they only turn into zombies after they die? Why does getting bitten make you turn right away, but acquiring the virus another way doesn't? Maybe that means the airborne or waterborne form of the virus isn't as bad? Maybe it could be cured if the CDC hadn't blown up. Also, I'm not convinced it's as easily spread as it appears just yet - we are talking about people who rubbed zombie guts all over themselves in the first season, and they are always whacking zombies and getting blood splatter all over themselves, so it's no surprise they have it. How would you like to be Lori right now knowing you have a zombie growing inside you? Maybe the writers will kill her off Alien-style. Seriously, what if she has a miscarriage or still born, that fetus could turn into a zombie while still inside her and eat her from inside out. Coat hanger please...

What about going to Canada? Maybe Zombies don't like the cold? There are also less people there, so maybe it didn't spread as fast. A prison on an island in Canada. Problem solved (except you'd probably freeze and starve to death).

So how long are these a-holes at AMC going to make us wait for Season 3?

LCT said...

I love your comments, Amy G! So, first things first, I am pretty sure Season 3 won't start until the end of October. I think AMC likes to start it around Halloween, you know, when real zombies are out. I agree with you that the last two episodes were just crazy good. I don't want to spoil anything and of course the show may deviate from the comic, but I will say this: I think your instincts are right about it getting darker. However, I think it will continue to carry out the theme of the most apparent danger (zombies) might not be your biggest problem.... it might be the live assholes. Hahahaha - medieval manor armor would be great, but somehow I feel like you would just be a slow can of beans for the walkers at some point. I didn't think about that whole zombie fetus issue... geez, maybe Lori has a legit gripe towards Rick. If she had known that they are all infected, would she have taken those pills? Probably, right? Jeeeeesus. I still think Rick did right by not telling people because who knew if CDC guy was out of his mind or not, but this might be the first real reason I have heard to be pissed at Rick for that. Damn it. A prison on an island in Canada may be your best bet, but I would much prefer a boat or island in a warmer climate. I think TDog has the best idea... maybe salt water kills them! Oh, also I wanted to mention that I would guess that not much time will be spent on the why or the how of the virus so we will probably never know the origins or even how it has come to be that everyone has it.

What was your reaction to seeing the hooded stranger saving Andrea in the woods?