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The Walking Dead - No Bites, No Scratches

Yowza kablowza! The Walking Dead is on fire! Two major character deaths in as many weeks is a sure sign that we aren't playing by your daddy's rules in this here apocalypse anymore. So much to say about this episode, so let's get started. Guest blogger KC, where you at?

KC: There's just no other place to start: THE DEATH OF MFING SHANE.  Holy Jeez. Now, I'll admit that as a general rule, when I'm watching a show, I'm usually so caught up in the what's going on that I don't anticipating plot twists (sometimes its a sign that it's too obvious if I pick up on it right away), but this was such an amazing turn of events that knocked the breath out of me. What this show lacks in finesse, it makes up for in sheer audacity. Two major characters in row, gone.  

LCT: Gone and then back and then gone again! Well, at least where Shane is concerned. I know they keep touting this notion that "no one is safe" but I have to say that until last night, I would have guessed that Shane would have been around until the finale and Dale, well I just didn't think about him going at all. Noooooo Oooooone issssss Saaaaaaaafe.... (um, except maybe Rick.)

KC: Weren't you blown away by their confrontation?  I loved the moment right before, when they're still in the woods:  Rick gives Shane that long, appraising look.  A look that says "I'm on to you, asshole."  I feel like the show has been building to this moment for almost entire series and it didn't disappoint.  Rick's cry of agony after he stabs Shane was wrenching.  Followed by the reveal that Carl was watching (I think?) the whole thing.  Or maybe he just saw the stabbing?  Once again though, who the hell (Lori) was supposed to be watching (Lori) that kid (Lori)?

My new favorite meme.
LCT: That scene was very well done. Mostly because I didn't know for sure what was going to happen up until it happened. Did Rick have it in him to actually kill Shane? Was Shane so batshit crazy that he would not only face-smash a tree but face-smash Rick as well? That was a gut wrenching scene that stabbing (pun thoroughly intended!). If you watch closely, Shane was lowering his gun. I am so impressed and respect the fact that they had Rick kill Shane by stabbing him - it just drives home how personal this was. It's funny you mention that barbaric yawp that Rick lets out. I, too thought it conveyed so much pain. But mostly I thought "this is the same guy who is a classically trained British thespian and was in Love Actually, the greatest movie of all time?"  Give this dude an Emmy!

Oh yes, binocular-lookin', gun-totin' Carl. First, I need to address the fact that early in the episode, Shane greets him with "Carl, what are you doing wandering around here by yourself?" Right, how god damn UNUSUAL. But during the Rick killing Shane scene, clearly we know that Carl saw them out in the field, but exactly what he saw could be debatable. I mean, yes he probably saw the scuffle, but there was time from the house to the field where he wouldn't have been able to see anything. So, from that perspective, who knows what he saw? BUT it does look like Carl is aiming the gun right at Rick so I think we were at first led to believe that he did see and was going to avenge Shane or something. At least, that was my first reaction and I was stunned... that Carl might actually pick Shane over Rick essentially. Meanwhile, Rick also thinks the gun is pointed at him, and is unloading some guilt trying to explain himself to Carl. Carl killing Zombie Shane is pivotal and will have lasting repercussions, I'm sure. 

KC: The rest of the episode generally left me cold.  I liked the scene with Andrea and Glenn getting the camper started - a rare moment of subtlety as they express their grief over Dale's death.

LCT: "left me cold" hahahahaha... oh, KC and your undead humor! I did like that scene with Andrea and Glenn, too. I definitely think it was meant to show how Dale was really closest to them and gave them guidance, or at least something to argue against. They were part of the original group - we don't really know how long Dale, Glenn and Andrea had been together before even Shane, Lori and Carl joined them. 

KC: Speaking of Lori... Lori: now you're trying to make nice with Shane?  That scene was just, I don't know, icky.  

LCT: Okay, so of course I think Lori knew exactly what she was doing with that whole "I have to thank you" business. She was pushing all of Shane's love buttons by reminding him of what a hero he had been and how good they had had it "whatever it was" and how she just owes him her life, etc. Of course he is going to interpret this as a clear sign that she's coming around to his side and if Rick wasn't around just how good they would have it again. So, I might be giving Stupid Lori way too much credit here, but I feel like she was pulling her best Lady Macbeth in order to start a l'il sumpn sumpn. If not, then this scene is just ridiculously out-of-place and only used by the writers as a pretty little package so that Shane can die now. (For what it's worth, I have read interviews with writers and creators saying this scene was a result of Dale's death for Lori and that she wanted to start living life clean slate. I think this is crapola.) 
KC: How about T-Dog? He got another line this week.  Now that the number of characters are dwindling, maybe he'll get a personality.

LCT: Oh, yeah, he got some knee slappers in, too. I thought that he had so many lines (comparatively) that he might bite it in this ep. Alas, the writers were thankfully not so obvious.

KC: And now Glenn: dude, you got Herschel's watch, why are you pushing Maggie away?

LCT: I totally agree. This dude has to get over himself super quick. I mean, what's his big beef anyway? "Oh no, she loooooves me?" Glenn is one of my faves, and I don't know what the hell they're doing with this story line. With Dale now gone (sort of his father figure, don't you think?) he has to man up and stop being so mopey. 

KC: Question: where did all those walkers come from that showed up at the end?  

LCT: Ah, the hoards of zombies... I think this is a fantastic display of subtlety in divulging information. If you recall, after they bury Dale and they are moving and shaking to secure the farm house, Herschel says "those creeks have been a natural barrier and they're all about dried up" and then Maggie chimes in "with our livestock it's like we're ringing a dinner bell." So knowing this, plus then Carl's shot heard 'round the world, it does makes sense that all these zombies would be heading their way. But DAMN that's a freaking crapload of walkers. So as to where they're coming from? Dunno. But all of this leads to: aaaaaaaah, Daryl and Glenn are IN.THE.WOODS!!!! 

KC: Another question: How did Randall (and Shane) zombify without getting bitten?  Is the virus airborne?  Maybe you know the answer, LCT, from the graphic novels?

LCT: Twisteroo! Not to get all toot-toot, but last week I pointed out that Shane and Rick were looking at zombified bodies that didn't appear to have bites or scratches. And then in this episode, Daryl says the same about Randall. But it's not until Shane bolts upright after Rick kills him that we know this is actually happening. So yes, it seems that everyone is already infected. If you think about it, everyone they buried had been shot or traumatized to the head, most recently Dale. So they're not coming back. I have read that they were very careful throughout all of the scenes, especially the blocked highway scene, to show non-zombie bodies with obvious head trauma. ALSO, many people speculate, as do I, that this is what the CDC dude whispered to Rick. I love this whole turn of events!

Other interesting stuffs to talk about:

- Daryl! I wish there were a way to write his name with pink puffy hearts around it. (Working on it.) He is just the greatest character. Did you seeeeeeee the waaaaaaay he was looooooking at Carol at Dale's funeral?  Oh yeah you did. I am hoping we are closer to Caryl or Darol.
- Daryl! Again! Master tracker... dude was like Prince Humperdink ("there was a mighty duel"). He stopped short of determining that Crazy Shane smashed his face into the tree, but he was thisclose to figuring that out, I'm sure of it. 
- Andrea... with Dale and now Shane gone, her guides have left her. I really hope she grows into herself and becomes super kick-ass. As it is, I think her character is just meh, but I think she has so much potential.
- Did anyone else think the crazy cut-ins of ferocious zombies as Shane was "changing" was overkill? Like all of a sudden we are seeing from the dead POV? Also, that happened super fast. But I guess the speed was pretty much explained at the CDC.

Next week is going to be KrAzY.

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