Monday, September 17, 2012

Pants Pants Revolution

Back from our hiatus! Let's just say TV is Awesome is coming to you from a different awesome place than before.  Just a few quick one today and then hopefully it will be back to normal soon.  Oh, if you haven't watched the Revolution preview on demand and are waiting for tonight, then skip this until tomorrow. *BIG FAT SPOILERS*

Pants Pants Revolution

I don't think I can put into words how out-of-my-mind psyched I was for this show to start. I mean, did you SEE this trailer?! Airplanes falling out of the sky! No power for nobody or nothin'! Wrigley Field just covered in grass and vines.... VINES! I couldn't wait, so I watched the pilot special preview on demand last week.  I had high expectations for this show, and even though it is much different than what I thought it would be, I think there's some pretty good potential going forward. HOWEVER (BIG HOWEVER IN ALL CAPS), I have to say I was annoyed by some decisions made by the show. And here is where I go on my "TV has come too far" rant: One of the challenges facing a show like Revolution is that it places us sometime in the future where, after "the blackout," (all electronic devices cease to work: electricity, cars, airplanes, etc) everything is about survival... where to find water? medicine? how to get along in this world with militias and bad guys everywhere? This is exciting! But we have sort of seen this before (Lost, The Walking Dead, the movie I Am Legend, any post apocalypse thing ever) and so we as an audience automatically start thinking along the lines of "well, if there's no power, how do they do (this) and (that)?" So, the challenge for them (the show) is they better make those (thises) and (thats) believable, otherwise we're gonna check out. So it is with this that I say, TV has come too far for me to have to think about "how, in this post-apocalyptic world of sorts, did Charlie find the EXACT right fitting pants and and the timelessly cool bomber jacket and the cool, cross-functional boots?" I mean couldn't she have ONE THING that didn't fit quite right or something? On any given day, I am in real life are wearing multiple things that don't fit right - and this is with access to EVERYTHING.  Yes, yes, I get that these clothes were probably her moms, but I think you know what I mean. Come to think of it, I think they ALL have perfect pants!
The Perfect Pants Gang

Moving on to the other pet peeves that I categorize as "typical TV things that we don't need to have happen anymore": Charlie is saved by the uber-hot, roughly-same-age baddie who pops up just to save her and now we're supposed to think is a goodie? Uncle Dude wipes out about 10 guys all by his own self (we knew this was going to happen because "he's really good at killing people") and then NO ONE goes to pick up all the weapons from the dead guys. Isn't that rule number one when you are in a post whatever world where people have already tried to kill you and will be trying to kill you again very soon and for the rest of your lives?  I don't know, I haven't actually been a survivor in the post apocalyptic world, but I would be collecting weapons like my kid collects baseball cards. I bet. Don't even get me started on how Mr. Baddiepants makes ice at the end. I know, I can assume that he has one of those secret electronic gizmos, and maybe that's to show us how bad he is (he has electronic power and he is using it to make ice for his drinks! the horror!).

Electronic gizmo, amulet 
Alright, so now that I've beat this thing up, let me restate my BIG TV RULE: I always, always give the pilot a pass. Pilots have way too much going on to not. The pilot is busy trying to set up character structure, plot points, throw some intrigue in there, etc. Again, I think this show has potential and there are several things I am interested in seeing more of... Obviously, I am very interested in finding out who the woman on the farm is talking to ON HER SECRET COMPUTER with her Secret Electronic Gizmo. Definitely want to see more of Google billionaire dude and when does he get to reveal his Secret Electronic Gizmo? For all his macho macho business, I am interested in seeing where Uncle Dude takes us and what's next. And why did the power go out and will it ever come back on? And really, for a pilot, isn't that all it needs to do... get us to tune in next week for more? Job well done, Revolution because I am definitely sticking around for this one.

Other Stuff:
- I've been reading about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead and I'm thinking this might be the season where I actually pee my pants while viewing
- American Horror Story: ditto above
- Too many new shows to mention that I already love and/or can't wait to start obsessing about, but here are two: The New Normal (so great!), The Mindy Kaling Project (will be great, I just know it!)
- Glee came back and it was FAB.U.LOUS! Love the new peeps and love the Mckinley High and NYC storylines. Kate Hudson was pretty great, even though I was prepared to think she sucked. Also, I just couldn't stop thinking "that skinny bitch has had TWO babies!"

So glad to be back! Hit the comments with your feedback!


Unknown said...

So I did stay up and watch this. Why DVR it, right? You hit 2 of my biggest pet peeves right off the bat: perfect wardrobe and the "He's really good at killing people" and then he kills lots Uncle. Pu-lease!! That being said, I will give it a few more episodes before I leave it in the dust.


Anonymous said...

I also was annoyed with a few details that should have been paid attention to: like when Danny was unscrewing the wagon railing. Jesus Christ, he has a clean, white, long sleeve shirt pushed up to his elbows and he is bloody and sore taking out a loose screw? Also, Charlie hunts and can crime fight but can't get her long hair out of her way?!

Anyway, I enjoyed the overall premise and the characters so far are fun ... I will watch. Wants to be a hardass Charlie will have to step up, though.

LCT said...

I hear you, guys! I hope the good stuff really starts to shine through and that all this silly stuff goes away. Good stuff like finding out that the woman in the house had an electronic gizmo and a secret computer! I think that was my big "ooooh" moment. I feel like the Revolution team can take some cues from The Walking Dead on how to minimize stupid things people would never do in a survival situation (big exception: Carl and Lori). Or, you know, consult.... common sense.

Thanks for writing!